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A Little Introduction…

Hi everyone – to those who are new and to those who know me as “RubyWren

I’ve been blogging as Ruby for some time and quite often I want to share things on my blog that aren’t necessarily business related. So, here, on this personal blog, I hope to post things a little bit less ‘elephant poo‘…

The first thing I think I should mention…last week, I purchased this little beauty:

When I’ve not been working, I’ve been attached to this little piece of wonderous technology – an Amazon Kindle! When setting it up, I was asked to give it a name…so, please may I introduce you all to Felicity; Felicty Kindle. We giggled for hours over that one – especially appropriate as I’ve recently been introduced to The Good Life and Felicity Kendall has quickly become my hero!

Anyway…I expect that with my addiction to my Kindle, a lot of posts will follow about the books I’ve been reading (see what I mean? Blog posts that I’d love to write but have not seemed appropriate to my business blog!)

Any recommendations for Kindle downloads would be appreciated! My Amazon Wishlist is currently jam-packed with things I want to read but it’s always lovely to receive recommendations too!


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