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Book Review: My Blood Approves 1-4

My Blood Approves (Books 1-4) by Amanda Hocking

As you may have read, I bought myself a Kindle. One of the first books I downloaded was book one in the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking. While they’re aimed at the teen/young adult audience, I was instantly hooked and drawn into the magical world of modern day Vampires. Amanda Hocking is a self-publishing author and Amazon Kindle has given her a platform to sell her work. Many of her books are constantly in the Kindle Bestsellers list.

The story is about Alice Bonham, a teenager who meets a boy called Jack and suddenly becomes involved in his life and his family, only later discovering that he and his family are Vampires. She is told that she is ‘bloodmates’ with Jack’s brother Peter, who is an older, stronger vampire, and she is destined to belong to Peter. The series of books follow the life of Alice and adventures she has with her new Vampire family, as well as the threatening situations she finds herself in as a human in a Vampire world.

I know the books are probably comparable with Twilight, but, I’ve never read any of the Twilight books or seen the films, so I was able to enjoy this series without drawing any comparisons to the current ‘top’ Vampire franchise. It’s aimed at teenage readers and the writing style just comfirms this, but it’s a very fun, feel-good series with enough action and ‘life-changing choices’ to make it gripping. There are four books to this series and books 1-3 all finish with cliff-hanger endings. At £0.70-£1.40 each, it’s very easy to just keep downloading until the story draws it’s final conclusion.

The thing I loved about this series was the Vampire characteristics. Each Vampire series, be it book, movie or tv, all have different versions of their vampires – the rules and abilities that the Vampires live with. Hocking’s Vampires were more modern and lived almost like ‘normal’ humans – sleeping in beds and being able to be out in the sunlight for short periods of time if necessary. The blood-magnetism that they feel towards their bloodmates is a fantastic bit of imagination – Vampires who have soulmates in other Vampires and their blood and abilities change when around their bloodmate.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable series for those wanting some light reading and something a little bit magical. Don’t be put off by the teen audience it tries to reach to, but if you’re not into fantasy love-triangles, I’d give it a miss! While I loved this series, I followed this with Hocking’s Trylle series and found it was practically the same story but with trolls and a few name changes. When it was done with Vampires, it was magical and addictive, yet the Trylle books were too much a case of Deja Vu and quickly bored me.

4 Stars ****

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have downloaded a sample of her first book, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I have a long list of Kindle samples…I think it’s a great idea to be able to preview the book.

    My mom also recently got a Kindle and she is loving it.

  2. It was really nice of you to take the time to review her books, whether you enjoyed them or not. I know this is not a charity but I’m just glad that at least reviewers are willing to review some self-published material. I haven’t read the Approves series or any of Hocking’s books but from the reviews I may just do that.


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