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Book Review: The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend by Nick Alexander

The Case of the Missing Boyfriend by Nick Alexander

I picked this book up for Kindle last week when it was priced at £0.00 – a free Kindle book! It quickly made it to the #1 spot on the Free Books chart, and even when the price was put back up to £1.49 a few days ago, it’s still at #2 on the Kindle ‘paid’ list. It’s no surprise either – it’s a fantastic book and a real bargain, even when not on the free list.

The Case of the Missing Boyfriend follows CC, who like the title suggests, is boyfriendless. While it’s a contemporary romance novel, it’s only subtly so. CC is approaching 40 with a fantastic job in advertising and wonderful friends, but feels pressured to find a boyfriend and settle down. She dreams of a life away from London, living the ‘Good Life’ in a little cottage somewhere in the countryside, but is blocked by the endless search for love.

Nick Alexander has done a wonderful job of creating characters that your really feel an emotional bond with throughout the book – CC herself, her group of comedic gay friends, her hilarious mother due to marry her 20-year-old toyboy to keep him in the country.

There’s laugh out loud moments throughout, along with emotional ups and downs. Plenty of red-herring potential romances keep you unaware of who CC will ultimately end up with. It’s a well-written, intelligent and heartwarming read – completely opposite to the stereotypical ‘chic-lit’ novels. Alexander writes CC’s point of view so perfectly, it’s quite surprising when you remember that it’s written by a man.

This book is a fantastic story of personal encounters, relationships and CC’s desire to escape the city and settle down. The end is so perfect and unpredictable. This is a great example of the gems you can find in the Kindle ‘Free Book’ list – it’s something I’d not necessarily go for usually, but I’m likely to look for more from this author.

4 Stars ****

The Case of the Missing Boyfriend by Nick Alexander on Amazon


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