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Gadget Accessory Review: iTALKonline Purple Wallet Case for Kindle

iTALKonline PURPLE Executive Wallet Case for Kindle


Most of my reading is done at home, but since getting my Kindle, I noticed opportunities where I could really benefit from taking my Kindle out and about. Not wanting to let my new Kindle get scratched in my bag with my keys, I went on a search for a case similar to Amazon’s £50 cases but at a fraction of the price – my Kindle doesn’t get used enough outside the house to warrent spending that kind of money on a case, however much I’d like to!

The case itself is a beautiful colour – slightly darker purple, less pink in colour than the photo (more plum than magenta), but a gorgeous colour nonetheless. The quality, for the price, is amazing. Strong and sturdy, and to my surprise, it also came with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. While I have no intention to use the screen protector (the case itself will protect my Kindle sufficiently), it was an unexpected bonus and I’m sure one that would be appreciated by other Kindle users.

The one downside I found with this case is the weight. While I wanted something that I could just throw in my bag for times when I might need it, I find it really adds weight to my lightweight Kindle. While the Kindle is light and portable, this heavy case cancels that out. But then again, I did want something of good quality and something much lighter and flimsy might not protect my Kindle as much.

Overall, it’s a great case for keeping my Kindle protected from scratches and scuffs while in my bag, but when I’m reading, my Kindle won’t be in it’s case – it’s just too heavy for me to feel comfortable while reading. The one thing I really love about my Kindle is that it’s so much more comfortable to hold compared to a real book and this case takes away that benefit. It is a stunning case, high quality and perfect if you’re looking for a leather-look wallet-style case

4 Stars ****

iTALKonline PURPLE Executive Wallet Case for Kindle on Amazon


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