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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Day off!

Today was my first real day off in months! Being self-employed means I never really switch off, but after some nagging backache, I decided I really needed a break. I spent the day visiting my Sylvester (grandma!) and tagged along with my family for a shopping trip. Picked up some really beautiful wool and some chunky knitting needles! Gonna makes me a scarf! 🙂

Today’s outfit included my lovely straw fedora and my Led Zeppelin band tee!


Beautiful wool!!


Birthday funsies!

This weekend was my sister’s 21st Birthday! We celebrated with balloons, family and cake! We had a combination of dolly-mixture celebration cake and, in epic geekery, Tardis cake! It was amazing!

Tardis cake:

My favourite people!

I’m usually useless at braiding my hair but I love how it looks. I managed to do a completely flukey perfect braid to go out for my sister’s birthday evening!

Beautiful sunset on our evening walk to the pub = genuine lens flare 🙂

First time this summer that I got to wear my gladiator sandals! It’s literally the first time it’s not been raining!

My love of crochet

I have been dying to wear my new crochet waistcoat for aaages but the weather hasn’t felt summery enough for it. The one I had on order from Topshop was cancelled but I think the replacement I’m wearing today is even nicer.

Tank: Urban Outfitters | Waistcoat: Topshop | Jewellery: Free People, Topshop | Satchel: Accessorize